JUDITH COTTON, MA, LMFT  - 818-342-1923 - Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, Parenting Skills Educator
Judith Cotton, MFT Therapist, Marriage and Family Counseling, Adolescents, Divorce, Custody & Co-parenting.
Who I am…
          I am a Marriage, Family, Individual and Child Therapist. I am  licensed with 30 years experience – successful – caring – warm – grounded – private and confidential.  I believe in FULL RESPECT LIVING.  Trained in multiple theoretical styles - CBT Cognitive/Behavioral,  RLT Relation Life Therapy, and Narrative.  

Certified by the Relational Life Institute,
Parenting Skills Educator 
Presenter for UCLA-Motion Picture/TV Wellness Program

Let Me Help You:
Become All That YOU Can Be
Make Your Marriage Great Again
 Parent Successfully
What I offer…
          Support – encouragement – solid logical feedback – knowledge of the issues – and a positive realistic approach to difficult situations. Respect for individuals and their respective issues. 
Individual Therapy
Relationship/Marriage Repair
Parenting Skills

Why you need ME…
          Collaborative analysis based upon your ideas and insights helps sort out the priorities, separating things into small steps allows for the construction of a plan and proactive support helps you reach your goals.
First Aid for Rocky Relationships...
         Increase intimacy, improve communication, understanding and respect. Remove roadblocks & build ramps to happier more satisfying relationships. A satisfying connection in a  marriage or relationship is the antidote to life's difficulties, addiction, unhappiness, and despair. Learn to practice respectful relating for yourself and those you care about.
How I help…
         In any sport, business or family a team approach with members working toward the same goal helps to bring success.  A team needs a Coach. You are the player; I take the role of the coach.  Together, home-runs are hit, goals are met and you improve in the game. You deserve a pleasant home: therapy, counseling, relationship coaching can help you achieve the harmony you want and deserve.
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